Friday, January 20, 2017

You've Heard Of A Dew Drop, This Is A Don't Drop (Silvermist)

We all know Water Fairies go with the flow, but no one is more laid back than the up beat, off beat Silvermist.

Silvermist for the Busty Y

It has been an interesting road, this weight loss journey I've been on. I went from having more belly than boob and no hips at all to quite a bit more boob than belly and the start of some hips. It's very strange to dress for a shape you no longer have and I've had to do some serious renovations to some of my favorite looks. Sadly I still don't have enough hip to wear pencil skirts, but I have hope for the future!

Since it's my journey and my blog I decided I wanted to put together an outfit for myself using one of my very favorite Disney Characters, Silvermist. She's so cheerfully distracted at the most serious of times. I appreciate that in a person.

I have a longer torso and shorter (very nicely shaped) legs, so I like to rock leggings and slim cut trousers. With the shortness of my legs I like to hem them just at the ankle and pair them with heels so my legs look longer. In this case I went with strappy metallic sandals that are darker than my pants but went rather well with the top. The top is loose and flowing, I often find that I need to change flowy shirts and tunics a bit on the sides so the fabric doesn't just hang off my boobs and make me look pregnant. I like the ombre effect and find it very much reminiscent of water. Another problem with boobs is finding something that fits both your breasts and your stomach. I often get one or the other, shirts and jackets not being designed for busty ladies. To circumvent the issue I often look at blazers that are meant to be worn open This one has 3/4 sleeves, which will cover my tattoos if that is an issue that day (some meetings it can be) and is also still fun for warmer weather.

Accessories are really where you make or break an outfit. I couldn't resist the Tinkerbell outline necklace, since Silvermist is one of her best friends. No straight lines here, waving silver lines making up the cuff and turquoise river rocks for the wrists, pretty with or without the jacket. Seahorse earrings, and a canvas tote bag to cart all my stuff with an ocean view printed across it. A hat is personal preference, I love hats, and I also love being lazy with my hair so I would leave it down. Keep everything organic as you can.

Last, but not least, keep your makeup simple. Aqua blue eye shadow, use a bit to line your lower lid as well, and heavy black mascara, nude lips, a hint of blush, and there you are. One Corporate Water Fairy ready for a day at work.

Remember, Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!


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