Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We're Gonna Give 'Em Back Their Heroes!

Mad Max is one of the most iconic characters of the eighties (funny, because he came about in the seventies, technically) and as such I feel that the throwback fashions of the 80's that have come around are perfect for Max Rackatansky. As in every post apocalyptic world, you need leather. For some reason this is what people assume is the appropriate clothing for a arid desert during a water war, because sweat is no longer a problem. Also, it has to be black. Black apparently conveys the loneliness of the heart and the absence of hope. Black leather is still preferably to a chainmail dress.

Moving on.

Mad Max for the Athletic Pear

The Athletic Pear is slender, but their hips are still wider than their shoulders. As such, they can rock the pencil skirts, but they don't have to worry quite as much about the cute flare skirts making them seem too bulky on the bottom half, either. So for this I went with an adorable leather skirt, studded sparingly for drama and interest. Paired with a pair of shadow tights, striped sheer and solid, and ankle boots. All black, of course. After all, if you are going to be an anti-hero you might as well go big.

For the top I chose a simple shell, sleeveless, to be tucked into the skirt. The curve of the arm follows the shoulder, giving the illusion of having wider shoulders and giving you more of an hourglass silhouette. The blazer is for both a bit more drama and to soften the leather skirt. Keep the skirt as the focal point of the outfit, it's a strong piece and adding too much more to it would make the outfit busy. Keep to simple colors, strong lines (like that jacket) and then find the proper accessories.

The pearl and chain necklace takes a hard and soft approach and stands a nice contrast against the black of the shirt with it's high neck. The chain bracelet, different metals layered, is another good add, but you can only add the one or the outfit starts to feel too heavy and get's a little more rock and roll than business appropriate. The rose earrings add a pop of color and whimsy to the outfit, a brief hint of color when you leave your hair down. Focus your makeup on the eyes, do something smokey, but try not to make it too dramatic, remember, this a daytime outfit. You can add a bit more black at the end of the day to take it into night. A small purse, some nude lips, and you're ready to go.

Mad Max for the Athletic Hourglass

Soft and hard can mean a lot of things. Since the last outfit was a skirt, I chose a different take for the Athletic Hourglass, slender with wider shoulders and hips, but still a defined waist. As such you need to make sure a lot of the clothing is either properly fitted or have it altered. Properly altered clothing boosts confidence in oneself, who doesn't like having clothing fit like it was made for you and not a hanger?

Faux leather leggings with a soft, knit tunic with an asymmetrical zipper. I liked the color blocking, and the way it curved along the lines of an actual body and makes the curves look more dramatic. I also liked the cowl at the top, giving a nod to the scarves thrown about heads and faces during the movie. I did add an under shirt, mostly because the person this outfit was intended for is not only a high school teacher, but also because she lives in Florida and this way she can unzip it a bit if it's too hot.

Another pair of ankle boots, I think they are cute and they go well with most outfits, so I pair them with a lot of different ones. Since I also base all of these outfits around people I know or meet or who ask me about characters or ideas for outfits, I like to take their own personal aesthetics into account as well. Mistress D likes heels, these ones are wide enough to be comfortable after a full day on the feet pacing in front of her classes. The hat is because she does love them, and being in Florida that sun can be brutal. Add a black leather bag, most women already have one.

I went with chain jewelry again. A simple chain necklace, a layered chain cuff watch, and a few softer rings. Pair that with a smokey eye, nude lips (or chapstick, sometimes I go chapstick if it's a nude or pink lip that would be best) and focus all on the eyes. For some you might want to add a bit of blush. I don't get a lot of color in my cheeks, so I like to add it. I have friends with naturally flushed cheeks who don't have to worry about it. Remember, you want to do what is right for you.

Remember, you rock what you've got, not what someone else has. Do what's good for you.

Be your own big damn hero.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Scream It Out - Never Be Afraid Of Being Heard

Black Canary, a master martial artist (showing proficiency in more than 10 styles) as well as a strategist. She is smart, she is forward, and she never lets anyone get her down. With these things in mind, I give you a couple options for some Dinah Lance inspired work outfits.
Black Canary for the Apple Shape

First up we have Black Canary for the Apple Shaped, specifically intended for my dear friend Kat. Not everyone is a fan of skirts, and without a skirt or dress, it isn't exactly considered appropriate to wear the fishnets. If you detected sarcasm in that last sentence, you may have been correct. So I give you hatchmark pants. They are slim cut, not skinny, and should be hemmed just at your ankle bone. This does two things, it makes your legs look longer and it gives the illusion of having hips because the eye is drawn down. I suggest pairing it with flats because I think slim cut pants with ballet flats are darling and I like it when people wear them that way. I may or may not be wearing slim cut trousers with flats right this moment ...

I don't like turtlenecks. In fact I don't like anything that feels like it may be attempting to strangle me. However, I do like that Dinah's current suit zips up (I assume there is a lock to keep it from slipping down) and as such found a zipper detailed sleeveless top that snugs in a bit at the waist and stays loose down to the hips. This gives comfort, ease of movement, and hides those pesky problem areas that the Apple shaped ladies tend to have. I paired it with a leather cropped blazer I found on H&M (seriously, I love this item and want Kat to have it in her actual-fact closet) that has nice lines and keeps the hard and soft image that the Black Canary is so well known for.

Most ladies carry purses, I liked the serviceablity and neutral style of the bowling bag purse. Black leather, of course, because if you are going to be Canary you should really be monochromatic. All the jewlery is black and silver, I went with the obvious bird motif, but I added hearts because they give a softer edge to the outfit and Dinah cares about everyone that comes into her life. Leave your hair down and pair it with a natural look for your makeup. Don't go overboard with your accessories and styling, she's a minimalist and it is a big part of what makes her so daunting to the criminals she stands against: she doesn't need anything but herself to take you down.

Black Canary for the Slender Athletic shape

While I still wish I was tiny on occasion (mostly I'm just happy I'm powerful, also I have pretty great breasts) it wasn't until about 5 years ago when I was trying to dress a friend that I realized how hard it is to find clothing that flatters someone who has a Slender Athletic build. They tend to not have a lot of curves, so the snug fitting little cocktail dresses don't look as amazing as they do on a Slender Petite or an Athletic Hourglass. However, if you look and you try things on, you can fool the eye into thinking you are curvier than you may seem. This particular outfit is for a new friend, code name Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. She's fun, confident, and strong willed.

First up is the dress. Note that it is not skin tight. Also note the definite waist line on the dress where the skirt meets the top. There are some lovely seems that add just a touch of body and that, in turn, gives the wearer hips. I love the zipper detail in the front, elongating the neck and torso. I paired it with a cute cropped blazer, note the lines on it as well. The jacket doesn't close, it isn't meant to. What it does is add to the curve of the waist and the flare of the hips, and pulling a bit more attention to the bust. Since this is a dress you can wear fishnets, one of the staple items of Black Canary, but we need to keep it classy, not trashy. go with smaller spaces in the fishnets if you are going to wear this dress to work, the smaller the openings the more professional it looks. I also added cute calf high boots, to add to the hard and soft image that is Dinah Lance.

A nice bowling bag style purse gives you enough room to carry anything your heart desires (mine, at the moment, is carrying a 2lb weight, a copy of the constitution, a pair of Superman headphones, a sewing kit, hair bands, Deadpool arm warmers, hand sanitizer, reusable grocery bags, my tablet, an external batter, and a couple of thumb drives. I have a large purse.) The only other accessories you need are jewelry, keep it minimal, and, if you can, bird inspired. I just think it gives you that added oomph. This is, of course, too literal for some. In that case just remember that this outfit is strong on it's own, like Dinah herself, and minimalism shows off that inner strength far more than a dozen layered necklaces.

So, to recap; Trashy, not classy. Minimalism is key. Being loud is a Superpower.