Monday, November 18, 2013

Anyone else ever want to grab a sword and ride a horse off into battle?

Mulan for the "A" Shape

I love that Mulan is simple, but still feminine. She doesn't hide her body (a definite Athletic-Banana shape, that one.) so I've decided not to hide, but to flatter the hips. To be fair, that's pretty much what I always do, but even so. One always glories in what one doesn't have.

At work you don't want to look sloppy. Well, I don't, and I assume those who work in an office setting don't want to either. Nice pants, cut close to the leg, soft boots, and a tunic top with scoop neck. I added a scarf as it's getting a bit nippy outside (it's raining here in Seattle today, no real surprise there.) and even inside sometimes you want a bit of warmth. Remember that your scarf shouldn't clash with the outfit anymore than your jewelry should. Keep in mind the character and the overall feel of what you are portraying. That's half the fun of an inspiration outfit, after all.

I chose to toss up strong, simple jewelry as well. Leather and gold beads, stylistic sword earrings, and a simple Chinese Coin as a necklace. If you wear dangle earrings and a necklace, don't make them too heavy. It detracts from the rest of the outfit. Then again, I do live by the "less is more" standpoint when it comes to jewelry and that's at least partially because I look silly with layers of chain. I know quite a few people that can pile it on and look fabulous. So keep in mind that I'm (oh, it hurts to say this ...) not always right.

Mulan for the Y Shape

Tunics can be wonderful for people with larger busts and no hips or butt, (Me!) especially when you toss a belt on over the top of it. It cinches in over your waist and then flows down over your hips and your butt, adding area where there was none! Pair it with leggings (Tunics can be used as a short dress, but you don't want your junk hanging out) or skinny jeans for a fresh, flattering look. Remember to put the belt at your natural waist, the narrowest part of your torso, so that you don't get baby-belly.

This is the kind of outfit that I live in, and as Mulan is one of my favorite characters (Cartoon or OUaT) I felt that I should make an outfit I can actually pull off. This is also something that I could wear to the office, and because of the three quarter sleeves all of my tattoos are covered should there be some kind of client meeting going on. Most people don't mind my tattoos - I'm in Seattle - but I still like to cover them up when I have to be Uber-Professional.

Again, when it comes to jewelry I'm a believer in "less is more". Dangling earrings don't need to be paired with necklaces, bracelets don't need to be paired with rings. Yes, some people can pull it off. Others, not so much (I'm one of the not so much group.) Keep the makeup neutral and minimal, Mulan wasn't one to doll herself up if she didn't have to. She was a warrior, strong and proud! I mean, sure, she was going to sell herself into marriage and she had a total hard on for Prince Phillip, but even then she didn't need to make herself into someone else in order to get his attention. She is who she is, and that's a good example for a girl to follow. I mean, who else could you be if you weren't being yourself? What's your war cry? Stevie

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wonderful is channeling Wonder Woman to make a bad day better.

Wonder Woman for the "Y" Shape

Who is more iconic than Wonder Woman? For me, the only one that stacks up beside her is Xena. I have a crazy yen for tough ladies who like men but don't really need them to make themselves happy. We are sticking to the Red, Blue, and Gold theme for the most part here. No white, mostly because I dislike the white stars on her Uniform. Wonder Woman is Greek, why the hell does she wear an American Flag for a uniform? Okay, okay, I know the answer to that. I've read the original comics, I've read the interviews with the creator in regards to the time, his love life, and how much more badass women are than men in his opinion. Still, I can continue to wrinkle my nose in distaste every time I see a Greek woman wearing what is basically a sexy American Flag.

So, getting off my soap box for a moment, let's get to the meat of things, shall we? I love to put together things that I would wear had I the ability or body. It's no different now. Skinny trousers are best when wearing boots, at least if you plan to tuck the pants into the boots, and wearing pants is nice in the Autumn months because we start getting wind and rain and it can get a bit nippy. Add a jacket and a scarf and you get to be warm, comfortable, and cute.

I fell in love with this top, which is of a style that you can pull off with wide shoulders or narrow shoulders, and gives a nice nod to the corseted figure of Diana Troy. It also looks good tucked in or left out. Since we are doing narrow legged trousers at work, add a belt. It just classes up the outfit. Also, since it's Wonder Woman, make sure the belt is gold. It is a surprising accent color paired with the bold primary shades of the rest of the outfit and adds oomph to the outfit.

The jacket is a steal, as far as I'm concerned. It's a fleece, zippered hoodie in bright lipstick red. It is amazing. I love the shape, the details, the high neck and large hood, and how cozy it looks. Plus, with an $11 price tag, it's pretty much perfect. Usually I put together outfits that add curves or lighten them. This one I put together with my sister in mind. She is tall, lean, with long legs and wide shoulders. This outfit would look amazing on her, unlike me. We are very different Y shaped ladies. I'm busty with a gut and short legs, she's got a butt, extra long legs, and no boobs. It happens. So this one is for her, because as much as I wish I could rock that shirt, I'd have to put all kinds of darts and pleats to make it flattering and at that point it's just going to make the ladies look bigger and the ensemble will slip into the Lewd category. It's sad, but it happens.

Keep your makeup simple. Red lips, nude-pink shadows, and then leave your hair loose. Match it with your favorite knee high boots (flats for my Sister, because she already has crazy long limbs) and a pair of awesome Wonder Woman earrings that will eventually make their way into my jewelry box, and you have your Wonder Woman ensemble for the Y Shape!

Wonder Woman for the Pear Shape

So, again, one of my very favorite characters is Wonder Woman. She's powerful, she's beautiful, and she is happy going her own direction. As far as I am concerned she is one of the greatest heroes ever created. Though, admittedly, I'm extremely bias. Plus, jet black hair? Hell yeah! Eventually I will cosplay the most epic Wonder Woman of all time (in my head, I'm sure) because I refuse to wear any more wigs and I have really long, really curly, really dark hair. I stand out in a family of redheads, tanner than they are as well as having darker hair. Of course tan to them is still white to the rest of the world, which can be quite amusing.

ANYWHO! On to the clothing! I love this top (as I'm sure you've noticed since I might have mentioned it before...) The top and the scarf are really what inspired the outfits, plus I think the earrings are adorable. The top wouldn't look quite right on busty ladies, but it is lovely on those graced with a "C" or smaller. I love the illusion of the sweetheart corset, but it keeps it from looking too trashy by going with black lace rather than tan or red. Honestly, though, if the lace was red I wouldn't find it anywhere near as adorable as I do.

I paired it with a blazer, (keep it classy in the work place, ladies!) both for added warmth in the office and because I am just a fan of blazers in general.I chose a blazer that was nicely fitted and stops at the top of the hips. It is a style that goes well with skirts and pants alike, and is extremely flattering for a pear shaped woman (who isn't too busty.) I paired it with a skirt this time (because for some reason it struck me as very Linda Carter - don't ask.) that stops above the knee. I cannot stress enough how important it is not to wear a skirt that cuts off just below the knee. A loose skirt cut off just below the knee shortens your legs and makes them look thicker than they are. Don't do it! Do not wear that length!

For shoes I went with pumps, lipstick red, because I love beautiful shoes and heels make your legs look longer and slimmer. Who doesn't want long, slim legs? I know I do. My legs are kinda stubby, it's very upsetting. Keep your makeup up nude-pink and a bit shimmery (I have that eye shadow compact - it's perfect for every day) and throw on some cuff bracelets and pretend they are gauntlets when people are irritating you. Pin on some earrings, leave your hair loose, and remember to walk with confidence; You'll look even better than you usually do! You are powerful! Stevie

Basic Body Shapes or Learn to stop fixating and just love your Bomb-Ass body!

There is nothing I hate more than a pushy sales person trying to foist something completely unflattering on you. Sadly I have run into this more times than I would like to count. A great many people seem to like to try and just put you in the things they like and that look good on them, regardless of cut and color. I'm open to new fashion choices, but really - don't try and put me in an orange red, it just makes me look sick and pisses me off.

There are four basic body types. The foundation of your curves, you might say.
  • You've got Pear or A, where your hips are wider than your shoulders. 
  • You've got Apple or Y, where your shoulders are wider than your hips. This one is me - no hips, no ass, great legs, big bust, wide shoulders, and all my weight sits around my midsection and mocks me when I look at pretty dresses with nipped waists. It's all that junk food that likes pry it's way into my mouth, sugar terrorism! Yes, that's what it is ... 
  • You've als ogot Hourglass, where your hips and shoulders are both wide and your waist nips in ala Marilyn Monroe or my boss, the woman who I often imagine they must have been talking about when they made that song Brick House, because she has curves in every place any woman I have ever met wishes she had them. Plus she's tall. If I look half as good as she does when I'm her age, I will consider all beauty regimens well worth the effort.
  • Then you've got Banana or rectangle where you have narrow hips and shoulders and your waist may or may not nip in. I prefer to call this shape "Athletic" because a lot of athletes are built this way. The less athletic banana shapes are what I sometimes like to call pre-pubescent toothpicks, but that's mostly my just being a catty brat.
 These four body types basically personify what you do and do not want to wear, in most peoples opinions. There are so many variations, though, on top of that. Long torso, short torso, long legs, short legs, petite, tall, round, busty, hump backed, emaciated, blue, green - basically there are a lot of different people out there. Things that look good on me are not necessarily things that will look good on you. That being said - some things can carry over.

I keep seeing inspiration sets floating around the Internet based on various celebrities and fictional characters. I, myself, am a total geek so I like to look up all these different inspiration sets and usually I'm left kind of disappointed. Almost everything I see is either too literal to look good on someone in the real world, or it's made for a stick figure. Or, you know, a Banana shape. It's mean to say stick figures and really I say it because a tiny part of me is jealous - I'm a petty bitch sometimes. So back a few months ago I started making a few inspiration sets of my own, specifically for a general Y shape or Pear shape. I try to do 2 sets for every character, sometimes I get lazy though.

That being said I will start to post some of those, and start making more for people out there. We can start inserting some sneaky-geeky attire into the office without having your boss look at you askance. If someone reading this has questions or a request for a certain character feel free to comment and let me know. I'm pretty excited about this endeavor and I hope that people can learn a bit about what might be right for them. Talk to you later, Stevie