Monday, November 18, 2013

Anyone else ever want to grab a sword and ride a horse off into battle?

Mulan for the "A" Shape

I love that Mulan is simple, but still feminine. She doesn't hide her body (a definite Athletic-Banana shape, that one.) so I've decided not to hide, but to flatter the hips. To be fair, that's pretty much what I always do, but even so. One always glories in what one doesn't have.

At work you don't want to look sloppy. Well, I don't, and I assume those who work in an office setting don't want to either. Nice pants, cut close to the leg, soft boots, and a tunic top with scoop neck. I added a scarf as it's getting a bit nippy outside (it's raining here in Seattle today, no real surprise there.) and even inside sometimes you want a bit of warmth. Remember that your scarf shouldn't clash with the outfit anymore than your jewelry should. Keep in mind the character and the overall feel of what you are portraying. That's half the fun of an inspiration outfit, after all.

I chose to toss up strong, simple jewelry as well. Leather and gold beads, stylistic sword earrings, and a simple Chinese Coin as a necklace. If you wear dangle earrings and a necklace, don't make them too heavy. It detracts from the rest of the outfit. Then again, I do live by the "less is more" standpoint when it comes to jewelry and that's at least partially because I look silly with layers of chain. I know quite a few people that can pile it on and look fabulous. So keep in mind that I'm (oh, it hurts to say this ...) not always right.

Mulan for the Y Shape

Tunics can be wonderful for people with larger busts and no hips or butt, (Me!) especially when you toss a belt on over the top of it. It cinches in over your waist and then flows down over your hips and your butt, adding area where there was none! Pair it with leggings (Tunics can be used as a short dress, but you don't want your junk hanging out) or skinny jeans for a fresh, flattering look. Remember to put the belt at your natural waist, the narrowest part of your torso, so that you don't get baby-belly.

This is the kind of outfit that I live in, and as Mulan is one of my favorite characters (Cartoon or OUaT) I felt that I should make an outfit I can actually pull off. This is also something that I could wear to the office, and because of the three quarter sleeves all of my tattoos are covered should there be some kind of client meeting going on. Most people don't mind my tattoos - I'm in Seattle - but I still like to cover them up when I have to be Uber-Professional.

Again, when it comes to jewelry I'm a believer in "less is more". Dangling earrings don't need to be paired with necklaces, bracelets don't need to be paired with rings. Yes, some people can pull it off. Others, not so much (I'm one of the not so much group.) Keep the makeup neutral and minimal, Mulan wasn't one to doll herself up if she didn't have to. She was a warrior, strong and proud! I mean, sure, she was going to sell herself into marriage and she had a total hard on for Prince Phillip, but even then she didn't need to make herself into someone else in order to get his attention. She is who she is, and that's a good example for a girl to follow. I mean, who else could you be if you weren't being yourself? What's your war cry? Stevie

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