Monday, September 22, 2014

Miranda Lawson: sometimes you want to be a board room badass

Miranda Lawson Inspiration Set for the Pear Shape

Fall is starting to kick in, but it's still sunny and pretty outside (mostly.) With the weather changes, though comes crazy times. Change of season can often mean change of faces at work; Interns leave, vacations end, people who partied a little too hard over the summer go away, half your delivery guys leave to go back to school. You get the picture. So with that in mind I say it's time to make a striking figure and be dressed for both sunshine and rain. Well, let's be honest, I'm always ready for rain. It is a hazard of living in Seattle.

Today I give you Miranda Lawson, baddest of the bad asses in the corporate world and all around beautiful dame. When I think of Miranda from Mass Effect I think monochromatic and I think strong. She's a woman that revels in her feminine beauty and doesn't have to try to be tough because it's already obvious that she innately is. I like to channel her attitude, sometimes, before I head into a meeting so that I can have just that little touch of derisiveness when people decide to be particularly obtuse. This set is for all my gals with hips and thighs who can rock the glorious pencil skirt. Note how both the skirt and the shirt are white. This could widen your torso a touch if you aren't careful, which is why I added the wide, black, stretchy belt. This gives you a clearly defined waist and breaks your body into two sections. Put it at the narrowest part of your body, not your hips. I understand that putting it at the hips is the fad, but all it does is make hippy women look larger in the thighs when they are wearing a pencil skirt; Don't do it.

I added the shrug for two reasons 1) it gets cold in most office buildings and 2) pairing the draped collar of the shrug with the square neckline of the top gives you the basic shape of Miranda's uniform. The black in the sleeves can also hide pesky upper arm problems that some of us may or may not have, which is also only for the good. I paired the entire outfit with knee high boots, I went flat because I assume you'd be walking quite a bit. Try to keep your boots fairly simple so that it doesn't distract from the rest of the outfit and so that you can wear them with multiple outfits. Stick with simple jewelry as well. I did a bib necklace because I hate chokers, still in black and silver to keep with the monochromatic theme. I also did a cuff and some bangles for a little extra flair and because I like bracelets. Pair that with a simple purse and nude makeup focusing more on the eyes and you're good for a day at the office.

Now that we've got the outer shell done, though, lets take a moment to go over proper under garments. Your bra should be nude, not white. White bras are visible through white shirts. quite honestly I'm not sure why people even make white bras. Maybe it's because some people enjoy having them seen, I don't know. Your underwear should also be nude, not white, for the same reason. If you are going to wear stockings with the outfit, that is fine, but again, nude. Do not wear black tights thinking they will be better with the boots, it will create odd shadows under your very white skirt and that would be sad. If you are going to go without tights, your socks can be whatever color you'd like, that's why black boots are great. Most of my own socks are neon colors. Also, quick pro-tip to those flinching at the idea of going without stockings due to chaffing: solid deodorant on the inside of your thighs will prevent chaffing.

Miranda (Mass Effect) for the Y Shape

For the "Y" shape I went with pants and a blazer, partly because the look is relaxed, and partly because I love blazers, especially with the sleeves rolled up to three quarter. The shirt I chose for the Y shape has lovely detailing, half of which will be hidden by the blazer but that's why I paired a tank top with it in the first place. Much easier to not get overheated if you wear something light underneath. Note the square neckline, once it is paired with the blazer you get the distinctive Miranda neckline that I so love. It's incredibly flattering to women with wide shoulders. Be careful, though, if you are busty because you don't want it to look like you are framing your breasts.

The pants are a nice slim fit and come to just above the ankle bones, they are supposed to be a touch short like this, it is on point fashion wise and it shows off the simple black pumps in such a way to make your ankles look a little slimmer. If you don't like your ankles, make your pants a little longer, it wont detract from the outfit at all. Remember, each outfit I make is based on my own personal likes and dislikes (usually) and you should really make each outfit your own, especially with the accessories. Though I will still continue to proclaim that less is more with jewelry.

Now, on to something I am particularly adamant about when it comes to clothes. TRY IT ON AT THE STORE! You will never love something as much as you do while you are in the dressing room under those unforgiving lights, attempting to twist and see every angle before you leave to let whoever you're shopping with give their opinions on it. Try it on, if you don't love it you need to leave it. This is especially true of blazers. I think properly fitted blazers are worse than jeans, to be honest. Make sure the length is right in the arms, the back and the front. Make sure the buttons don't strain across your chest or stomach. Make sure the neckline, itself, doesn't cut you off in odd and unflattering ways. If you find one you love that is ALMOST perfect, check what it needs, it may very well be worth the alterations cost, especially if you just need something hemmed or taken in a touch.

I don't usually pair dangling earrings with a necklace, but the necklace was so simple I couldn't help myself. Something about that starscape pendant made me happy. You can leave it off, as well, and just go with the earrings,though. I skipped bracelets and went with rings because of the heaviness of the blazer, even if the sleeves are rolled up. Keep the makeup simple, emphasize the eyes and stayed nude or soft pink wit the lips. We are looking for drama, not sexpot. If you want a little extra drama, do a reverse french tip. I really loved the matte black with the metallic silver.

But again, please ladies, remember to go nude with your underwear. Nothing cheapens an outfit faster than being able to see your underwear and bra through your pants and shirt. Enjoy the weather changes! Stevie