Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve!

Because it is New Years and because it has been a while (RL caught up with me and all kinds of drama ensued, but I am back!) I am not going to give you the usual two outfits, oh no. Today you get FOUR outfits! One for each of the Hogwarts Houses and inspired by my friends, each of them beautiful and completely unique. Okay, the Hufflepuff is all me, not a friend, but it still counts. I am a total Puff. So onward, good friends, and enjoy!

Gryffindor for the Plus Sized Apple!

Apple shaped ladies gain their weight in their middles, that can be tough to cover up sometimes, but it can also be awesome. Some as strong and passionate as my friend Mama A doesn't need to cover up anything. She is proud of her shape, and well she should be, because she is not only beautiful herself, but she is raising four little monsters just as strong willed and beautiful as herself. I say monsters with love, of course.

I found the most darling tunic top, the little square cut outs give it drama and a quirkiness that is a perfect companion for someone as outgoing as Gryffindor. The pleats around the skirt are well done and lay flat, so they wont add extra bulk to your mid section, especially since they sit just above the widest point of the waist and give the illusion that you are slimmer than you look.Toss on some mustard yellow leggings and a nice warm pea coat and you almost have yourself a nice winter outfit.

I say almost, because no outfit is complete without accessories. The ankle boots I found not only tie in all the Gryff colors, they are also ridiculously adorable on their own and the right heel size for chasing active children around a park or the backyard. Keep the makeup simple; a berry gloss, some nude shadow and mascara and you'll look picture perfect. Add some blatant branding earrings, a couple of fun rings, and one purse big enough to keep all the essentials for ones self and the kids, and we are ready for the day!

Hufflepuff for the Busty Y

I was an apple shape, I was rounder in the middle than anywhere else, but then I discovered Obstacle Course Racing and lost some weight. While this is pretty awesome, it is also a moment for you to realize your body has been lying to you and when you thought you had dressing yourself down to a science, you really knew nothing. So I am now calling myself a Busty Y shape. 5'6, breasts quite a bit larger than belly, no hips, wide shoulders, starting to get a butt (thank the lord for squats!) Since I am a Puff (hell yeah, Badger Pride!) I stole this one all for me and did an outfit I would wear to work.

I love the ease and comfort of a trapeze dress, it is an effortless look. It can also be a frumpy look if not done properly. Because all my weight is in my boobs I like to add a stretchy belt to the narrowest part of my torso, letting the skirt flare a bit and give the illusion of hips. I paired it with some ombre leggings in black and yellow (look closely, though, those are batman leggings) and a cozy boyfriend sweater in a cheerful yellow and I am good to go with a comfortable, informal work outfit that can cross over to trivia night at the bar.

The neutral vintage boots add some funk to the outfit, as does the gathered fabric purse. Hard and soft, people, that's how you make an outfit interesting and appealing. Everyone knows my thoughts on less is more in regards to jewelry, but I'm slowly becoming more accepting of certain things. You might notice that there is a necklace as well as earrings that dangle a bit. Not too much, though, you don't want your neck to look heavy. One funky bracelet, one adorable ring (that I actually own, so I had to) nude lips, cat eye liner, and let your hair do as it wants.

Ravenclaw for the Apple Shape

I like to tie in the outfits with certain pieces, usually, which makes sense since they are usually inspired by the same character. In this case, though, being that each outfit is a different House and inspired by a different person, I tried to keep vintage accents with every outfit. This one, though, has a lot of class vintage pieces, but that is because Kat is a rather classy person. Also, because I want to take control of her closet and put only things like this in it, but she doesn't want to be a kept woman. It's sad.

This outfit is, admittedly, a bit more dressy than anything she would wear to work, but we can find an event. The dress is simple looking, with the skirt having a hint of a high low with the back hem being about two inches longer than the front. What makes this dress so amazing is the seams. It was built for someone who gains weight in their midsection. It is flattering, drawing in the eye to give the illusion of a small waist, and going to a fuller skirt that adds the illusion of hips and lets someone look curvier, but still understated. It is an elegant dress and I loveloveLOVE it. The coat is equally elegant and simple, with a flare around the hips so it wont ruin the lines of the dress, and wooden buttons marching down the front. The princess seams add to the overall effect of the outfit, simple elegance. After all, the real focus is her brain.

Now for accessories. We all know that glory is in the details, and I found some fun ones. Firstly, pin striped navy blue tights. What? Yes. I said pinstriped tights, they are so awesome I want to squeal like a little girl at her first boy-band concert. Paired with some vintage heels to make the legs a bit longer, and voila. Also, feathers because Ravenclaw. Simple silver jewelry, a feather ring, a feather bracelet, tiny bird skull earrings that seem sweet until you look closer, and a nice pendant necklace that will pop against the darker blue of the dress. As simple as the outfit is, you can go a little stronger on makeup. I like the various shades of blue making the cat eye, but you should do what makes you happy. Focus on the eyes and then add a nice neutral lip gloss. One simple purse to keep your gloss, wallet, and phone and you are good for a night on the town.

Slytherin for the Athletic Hourglass

Last, but certainly not least, we have Mistress D. She is far more awesome than any teach I had growing up, but I admit to being ridiculously biased about it. Mistress D likes dressing up, and she does it well, so I did more of a cocktail ensemble for her, since teachers don't always get to dress up for work. Perhaps she could wear it to a school dance while she stops teens from pouring the cheap liquor into the punch bowl.

Hourglass figures are harder to dress than people think, especially considering it is the ideal body shape to most women. I give you a strong green top, paper bag detail neckline, simple and sleek. Add a skater skirt to it (velvet burnout detail for drama) that should be added to the narrowest part of your body, not only does this show off your figure, it makes it more dramatic. Since it is winter and I am cold I am added a shrug to keep the arms warm. My Hufflepuff nature at work once more "Honey, I'm cold, put on your jacket!" Speaking of jackets, I found a beautiful Burberry trench in the most lovely shade of green with a lace overly that is ridiculously pretty and well outside both of our price brackets. Still, though, it's for Slytherin, it makes sense to have designer brands for comparison.

Note the vintage heels, they could be worn with far more simple outfits to add some drama and make your legs look longer. Pull your hair back, either in a bun or a pony tail, and add the headband for some interest. Keep your makeup neat, strong eyeliner (not raccoon eyes, though) and some berry lip stain and you've got a clean, timeless look. The little silver bow earrings? Look again, those are snakes. Often subtle in their dealings, the details should be just as subtle for these cunning people. Silver chains will pop against the green top, a simple bracelet, not too heavy for a slender wrist, if it's clunky it will detract from the rest of the outfit, and a black, drawstring purse (snake skin, of course) to set it off.

That's a wrap for today, I hope everyone has a safe, happy New Year.