Thursday, February 11, 2016

She Hulk is a smash in these outfits

You ever wanted to punch someone in the face at work, but know you have to use your words instead? Yeah, me too.

She Hulk for the Petite Athletic

Being petite can make it hard, sometimes, to dress. Being any size can make it hard! People aren't built the same, but designers and clothing manufacturers can't really cater to every single body type out there. Sadly custom clothing also isn't a feasible option for most people, it's just too expensive. Thankfully there are people like me in the world who can help you out when you need a little advice.

Sometimes I like to go a bite more literal than others with an outfit. Green pants for a character who likes showing off her green legs? Definitely an easy pick, I know, but I'll make up for it, I promise. I picked skinny leg trousers for the look, make sure they are properly hemmed. If they are too long they will make your legs look shorter than they already are, and no one wants to look short legged (I have short legs, so I assume no one wants short legs.) They shouldn't have room in the butt, if they do, they are the wrong size and you have to go try on another pair. Yes, try them on. Always try on your clothes. I know the process is painful, at times, but it is worth it in the end!

The dainty lace top is sleeveless and high necked, but it shouldn't fall any lower than your hips. The eye will be drawn from the high neck down to the feet, making you appear taller than you are, especially with those cute wedges on. They are high and a soft grey instead of white because I am not a fan of white shoes. Mostly because I live in Seattle, land of rain, and imagine stepping in a questionable puddle while wearing cute white shoes. Yeah, it isn't pretty. I've done it. It's upsetting.

I like the hard and soft concept with She Hulk because Jennifer, despite being strong and intelligent, always seemed a bit soft to me in a lot of ways. The pretty woman with the mind like a steel trap and will of tempered vibranium. So with the pretty lace top all soft and delicate, I chose a structured, purple biker jacket with a flare at the hem. It will add shape to a body that is mostly straight lines, bulking the shoulders a bit and being snug at the waist, giving you the illusion of curves.

No outfit is complete without the accessories! Please note the delicate pearl Saturn earrings, they are lovely and my homage to Planet Hulk. Also the hulk watch because it was awesome. The hat was because I like hats and because Jennifer's hair is green, I love purses and have more than I need (not nearly as many as I want) and like to find one's I think fit the character. Cute, functional, classic, it all seemed very She Hulk to me. Leave your hair down, maybe put some sea spray in it to get some beach wave going, and stick with nude makeup - you don't need anything else to highlight your beauty.

She hulk for the pear shape

I have a friend who hates her hips, it boggles my mind but then the grass is always greener, right? Get it? Green! No? Okay, I'll move on. She wanted an outfit that would mask her hips a bit, so I offered her a skater dress. Simple lines, pretty, looks good on a variety of different figures. This one has a fuller skirt and while I'm usually not a fan of spaghetti straps at work, that is what the big scarf is for, you can use it as a shawl and cover your shoulders if someone takes issue.

We go back to the hard and soft disparity with the leather biker jacket over the sweet dress. The purple bold against the white. Biker jackets tend to have shorter torso's, which work well for pear shaped people as it can make their curves look more dramatic by nipping in at the natural waist and stopping above the swell of the hips. Perfect with a full skirt for the same reason. I wouldn't suggest wearing the dress on a bike, though, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

I am really into hats, I love interesting colors and fun shapes. The purple, in this case, was one that was almost like a softer version of the jacket, and with the black leather band I thought they would pop well together, especially with the green scarf between them. Scarves can be hit or miss. I like ones that are long enough for me to tie both ends together and loop around my shoulders like an infinity scarf. If they are even longer, all for the better!

I went with green ballet flats for this outfit, mostly because I am a big fan of flats, but also because I like the flats with the dress. Personally I'm not one for tights unless it's cold and I see this as more of a summer outfit, so I didn't add them. If you are a nylons person, go with a sheer nude. Or opaque nude if you are hiding tattoos.

I added the same purse as the last outfit because I am in love with it, same goes for the watch and earrings. I need a Hulk watch. I did find an awesome Hulk Fist silver necklace for this one, though! The deeper neckline needed a necklace. So, Hulk smash the cleavage. Super Leave your hair down, add some sea spray for beach waves to look relaxed and effortless. Go with nude makeup, the bright colors of the outfit could make fun colored eye shadow look garish, and you have a complete look!

Remember the key to any outfit is confidence and comfort. If you are emotionally comfortable in your outfit, you have more confidence.

Own it.