Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Heading to Gasparilla!

The Urban Scallywag and I are leaving cloudy Seattle and heading to sunny Tampa, Florida for sun, fun, and Pirate Shenanigans! Because I, unlike the Captain, do not have a formal pirate outfit, I've had to make do with what was already in my closet. Thankfully, as a cosplayer and general fashion nerd, I happen to have a lot of things in my closet.

Urban Pirate for the Y Shaped Amazon

I understand that wenches wear skirts, but I am not a wench and I have a tendency to accidentally flash people whipping my skirts out of the way when drinking and sword fighting. As such I decided my favorite faux leather leggings were going to be the base for the outfit. Who doesn't like leather pants? Also, they make my ass look amazing and I need all the help I can get. Though it will be cloudy and upper 70's and that's summer weather for me, so I could regret the pants. I'll let you know on the flip side.

So I have discovered I am often arguing with people over whether something is a dress or a tunic. I feel that something that doesn't fall more than an inch past your crotch doesn't really count as a dress, but more of a tunic. I prefer to use them as tunics and long shirts. A dear friend likes to argue, but she's got legs for days and pulls the look off rather well so to each there own. In this case, though, I'm going with tunic and added a belt to add some extra shape. I tend to get my shirts rather loose because I am quite busty (seriously, the ladies aren't getting smaller, just my band size is ...)

Toss on a black jacket (I will actually be wearing my purple cape, though, but to make this work corporate appropriate I went with a jacket), buckle boots, and a leather bag to finish off the clothes. The leather bag is important, but can be alternated with canvas, because it's another nod to pirates and saddle bags. Leather is harder to cut and better to stash your booty in, though. Like a strand of pearls. Everyone knows a lady pirate should have a string of pearls, preferably taken from the throat of a dear little debutante.

Ok, maybe I'm thinking of highway robbers now, it's all in good fun.

Keep your makeup fierce. I like a wing sharp enough to cut anyone that get's in your way and lipstick the same color red as the blood now coating your dagger.

So that's my plans for Saturday, hope everyone else has fun too!


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