Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sometimes You Gotta Run Before You Can Walk (Iron Man)

Who has time to join a super-secret boy band, anyway? Certainly not me. Between Cosplay, Spartan Races, and actual work I can only dream of creating armor like Iron Man.

Iron Man for the Hourglass

My girl J, the Pepper Potts to her real life Tony Stark, just got her new job and to celebrate I'm doing a blog post for Iron Man, the comic book character that brought those two crazy kids together. Unlike the cinematic Pepper Potts, all willow grace and sleek lines, MY Pepper is a compact hourglass with a poise I only wish I could emulate and the ability to arch her eyebrow like Natalie Rushman, making weaker people jump in line rather than getting in her way.

Now if you are doing Iron Man, you need sleek lines and red all over. As such I went with a bodycon t-shirt dress. Comfortable, flattering, and in that lovely red Iron man is known for. You could wear this without leggings or tights, but if you live in a cold place you may want them. The ombre leggings going from red up to black will have the added bonus of making the legs look longer, especially when paired with stilettos. Note that if you do a lot of walking you may not want to wear heels quite so high. A simple belt is always good to cinch in the dress when you have an hourglass figure, you want the curves to be noticed. I chose a simple gold belt because again, the Iron Man suit is all sleek lines.

The gold tuxedo jacket will draw all eyes to you in a meeting, but it will also keep you warm if the AC is set a little too high. I didn't want a red jacket with the red of the dress, sometimes you need to tone things down a little, but the gold stops the outfit from seeming altogether tame. Warrior Red lipstick, gold jewelry, the simpler the better, hint of a cat eye and lots of volume on the eyelashes and you are done. I added an Iron Man purse because I like the flair and who says you can't have a little whimsy in Corporate America?

Remember - drive it like you stole it.


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